Know About Geriatric Syndromes: Common in Seniors

Know About Geriatric Syndromes: Common in Seniors


Americans are found to be living healthier and longer lives than earlier before.  With age, we develop different health problems known as geriatric syndromes. These are problems that have a cause more than once and involve many body parts. These Doctors are referred to as geriatricians and they have advanced training making them healthcare professionals who diagnose and manage the syndromes with diligence.


There are many treatments for conditions that help in maintaining your quality of life and independence.


A few Geriatric Syndromes and what you should do


Bladder Control Problems

Seniors have this problem of urinary incontinence and though it is embarrassing, it exists. This lack of bladder control leads to problems such as depression, falls, and isolation. Incontinence may be greatly improved or cured with treatment and so it is best to inform your healthcare provider about the bladder control problem.


Sleep Problems

Sleep problems do hinder your quality of life and can contribute to injuries, falls, and other health problems. In case you experience a sleepy feel during day hours or have trouble sleeping at night, tell your healthcare provider to identify the sleep problem type you have and to help you to get sorted.



Many seniors go to the emergency room or get admitted to the hospital on developing delirium. Actually it is a sudden state of confusion.  It appears similar to chest pain and it is right to ascertain you, your family and friends know the delirium signs, seek medical attention at the first sign you notice sudden changes.



Dementia is a memory problem affecting your ability to do your usual tasks. The most common is Alzheimer’s disease. Various tests help in determining the dementia type it may be. If so, are there treatments available; so that the function is improved and the disease is slowed- down.



Falls result in serious injury in seniors. There are risk factors for falling, and this includes safety hazards not only in the home, but owing to medication side effects, vision problems, arthritis, dizziness, weakness, and malnutrition. Like geriatric other syndromes, falls have more than a reason. There are treatments, such as physical and exercise therapy, that helps improving walking and gait and prevent falls.


Osteoporosis is a health condition that makes the senior bones more fragile and it becomes easy to break so head to  for United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plans 2020.  Women after 65 and men after 70 should get a BMD test done. They should increase vitamin D and calcium intake, weight-bearing exercises such as walking and perform strength training exercises.