Seniors Need to Stay Mobile by Including Essential Activities

Seniors Need to Stay Mobile by Including Essential Activities

 An activity program that is structured carefully and involves moderate physical activity is enough for seniors to maintain their mobility. There are many seniors reaping rewards just because of their physical regular activity. On getting older there is reduced mobility and it can risk disability, disease, and even death.  There is no doubt that regular physical activity provides to various people health benefits. Besides, scientists also identified it to be a specific intervention to avert mobility disability.

Millions of seniors are enrolling in 2020 Medicare advantage plans comparison from   found suffering with stiff, painful knees and this is due to arthritis that causes the tissue cushion to breakdown within the knee joint. This cushion breakdown results in the bone getting rubbed against another bone. That causes pain and swelling. Moreover, if you are overweight the symptoms are worse.

Generally, experts advise adults obese or overweight to lose 10% at least of their weight to decrease the knee arthritis symptoms. Researchers on a study conducted on seniors with arthritis complain were asked to follow diet and exercise to lose weight. People who lost around 20% weight and some lost only around 5 to 8%. The result was that the 20% weight lost people also could walk a 6-minute test farther and reported less pain. The blood tests also showed much low level of swelling and pain.

Keeping up with our senior loved ones and our parents immediate health care needs may be overwhelming task. But these are the same people who have put you today in a position and given your life a meaningful difference. It is the right time now that you take these steps and ensure your house seniors stay healthy.

 Eat healthy including vegetables, high-fiber fruits and whole grains. Seniors are prone to dehydration and there is a need to ensure they drink sufficient water to stay sharp and energized.

  • Focus on prevention by including health screenings for colon cancer, cholesterol levels, heart problems, and more. This is beneficial as you can be eligible for Medicare coverage with ease.
  • Getting sleep should be assured. Frequent insomnia and waking is common in the night among seniors. You may turn the lights down to spur drowsiness and check their bedroom is cool, comfortable, and quiet.
  • Checking vision changes for seniors is mandatory. People wearing glasses should get their vision checked every year and also get their eyes screened. Having right glasses reduces chances of falling.